Wildflower: A Tribute to Sheryl Crow


Holly (Bailey) Aprecio as Sheryl Crow

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Holly was raised in musical theater. Since age 6, she has performed in both lead and supporting roles in classics such as Annie, Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, Into the Woods, Miracle on 34th Street, Grease, and many more. By age 18, she was also performing in local band, About Face and has written and recorded her own music. In addition to fronting Just One Look – Tribute to Linda Ronstadt and performing across the U.S., she is excited to perform the music of Sheryl Crow and be a professional photographer and busy mother of 4 young children!

Wildflower is...

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A multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist, Arny performs with tributes, Wings N Things (McCartney), Borrowed Time (Styx), Just One Look (Ronstadt), The Kings of Hollywood (Eagles), Third Stage (Boston) and now, Wildflower! Also creator, writer, director for The Tribute Time Machine starring Pat Cashman.


Marc has been involved in the Seattle Music Scene for over 25 years, contributing his drumming and talents towards a multitude of local bands including Wings N Things (McCartney), Borrowed Time (Styx), Just One Look (Ronstadt), The Kings of Hollywood (Eagles), Third Stage (Boston), Stonesy (Rollings Stones) and Invisible Touch (Phil Collins). His ability to play a huge variety of drumming styles as well as his vocalist abilities has earned Marc a successful place in the local music industry as one of Seattle's most versatile and talented drummers.


Born in Seattle, Norm played in bands such as Seattle Star and Blue Sky before moving to Colorado where he toured the country in the 80s with different bands. Returning to Washington, he is now performing regularly with Kings of Hollywood (Eagles), Just One Look (Ronstadt), and of course, Wildflower. Norm was quite active in the Seattle blues circuit. Norm own and operates Mountain Meadows Recording Studio where he produces artists around the world via the Internet.


Martin has been playing bass guitar since his older brother gave him his first one back in grade school. After learning all the current rock classics of the time, he moved on to jazz, country, funk, and pit work for theater. With a well-rounded style-background and  a solid groove, he is gaining a reputation as a premiere working bassist in the  Seattle area for groups such as Black Velvet 4, Second Hand Newz (Fleetwood Mac), Just One Look (Ronstadt), Kings of Hollywood (Eagles), Blue Madness, Test Run,  and RootSeller, to name a few.


The Piano lessons his parents made him take never went over well with Karl. But as a teenager, he started borrowing his sister's guitar and then the fun began. Karl has performed solo on his acoustic guitar, played mandolin in duos, and played both acoustic and electric guitar in an assortment of rock, folk, and blues bands. Working with these bands and recording a number of CDs has helped him develop a unique style of playing and singing.


Every Day is a Winding Road...